If you are planning to travel to Betsy Layne for tonight’s district game, US23 is closed. Police officials are routing vehicles onto Rt. 1428 to Rt. 80. Leave a little extra time for your trip. #AllinLC
3 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher
Congratulations to the LCHS Pre-Nursing students who recently received their certification in Basic Life Support (BLS)! #AllinLC @All_in_LC
3 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LC Pre-Nursing BLS Certified
Congratulations, Ms. Susie Rice on being appointed to the LC Board of Education! Ms. Rice will represent District 4, in areas of Meadowbrook and East/West Louisa. #AllinLC @All_in_LC
3 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LC Susie Rice
A "Brain-Friendly Strategies" training was conducted by KEDC for Louisa West Elementary and Fallsburg Elementary primary teachers on Jan 30, 2023. #AllinLC @All_in_LC
3 days ago, Sarah Gauze
KEDC Training at LWES/FES
LC Schools have completed the Aggressive Intruder training for all faculty and staff. The last training was hosted by Louisa Middle School on Jan 26, 2023. #AllinLC @All_in_LC
3 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LMS KSP Training
KSP Training
Lawrence County Board of Education Special Meeting Summary January 31, 2023 A special meeting of the Lawrence County Board of Education was held at Lawrence County High School library on January 31, 2023, at 6:00 PM. Board members Jim See (Chairman), Maddlene Roberts (Vice Chair), Garnett Skaggs, and Barbara Robinson were all present in person. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim See. The first order of business was to appoint an individual to fill the unexpired term for the board member vacancy for District #4. The position was vacated on December 31, 2022, with the resignation of D. Heath Preston. A motion to appoint Mrs. Susie Rice was granted by Barbara Robinson and seconded by Maddlene Roberts. The motion passed unanimously and Mrs. Rice was sworn in as the LC District #4 Board Member. In the Superintendent Communication portion of the meeting, Dr. Fletcher presented information on several meetings and speaking engagements. Dr. Fletcher spoke at a press conference in the Capitol Rotunda on behalf of the Coalition to Sustain the Education Profession. The topics included teacher pay and recommendations put forth by the Coalition. Dr. Fletcher attended a Teams Meeting with Senate Leadership to discuss the priorities of this legislative session. Issues discussed included teacher pay, working conditions, and the issue of teacher shortages. Dr. Fletcher also serves as chair of the Local Superintendent Advisory Council, with ten other superintendents to discuss recommendations to the Commissioner and the KY Board of Education on proposed regulations. The latest regulation proposed adding college and career readiness indicators through internships and apprenticeships. In student learning and support services, the Board approved the claims and orders of the treasurer. The Board also approved the consent agenda items. Some of these items included an annual price adjustment of an additional $9.82 to bring the total to $206.26 for the DC Elevator. The LCHS Tennis Team requested permission for a sporting event and out-of-state trip to Pigeon Forge, TN during spring break for the dates April 2 through April 5, 2023. There was a use of facilities request by the Lawrence County Youth Soccer for FES, LEES, and LCHS gyms and the LCHS soccer field. In construction-related action, Mr. Paul Christy, DFP facilitator, was present at the board meeting to discuss the District Facility Plan (DFP) from the Local Planning Committee (LPC). In this plan, the construction of a new Louisa West Elementary School has been proposed. The estimated renovation of this school exceeds 80% of the amount it will cost to build a new school structure. So, KDE will not allow major renovations due to this rule. Therefore, the plan lists Louisa West Elementary School as a top priority. Fallsburg Elementary School and Blaine Elementary may receive renovations to their gymnasiums, and new cafeterias may be constructed for the schools. There would be a reorganization of the grades throughout the schools if a new Louisa West Elementary is constructed. Louisa West may become a preschool through second grade. Louisa East Elementary may become a third through sixth grade. Fallsburg and Blaine Elementary Schools may become a preschool through sixth grade. Louisa Middle School will then be renamed Lawrence County Middle School with all 7th and 8th-grade students in the county attending. The Louisa Middle School also needs roof renovations or a full roof replacement. The Lawrence County High School will remain with ninth through twelfth grades. There are plans to add vestibules to those schools that presently do not have them at their entrances for added safety measures. In the discussion of the Vocational Education Center (LAVEC) renovation and expansion, the board concluded the grant money of 8.6 million dollars could draw $28,000- $29,000 in interest per month if they invested the money. The Codell construction company’s earliest expected start date would be September 2023, allowing for at least seven months of investment time. At the current rate, an invested 8.6 million may provide approximately an additional $200,000 that could be used toward the greenhouse construction project. The LC Board is looking for ways to increase the grant money because the building materials and labor costs have significantly increased since the money was presented to LC Schools for the project. The 2023- 2024 Draft Budget Work Session was discussed by Dr. Fletcher and by Finance Officer, Ms. Brandi Peters. Dr. Fletcher discussed Lawrence County Schools being fiscally responsible. Currently, this year the state provided full funding for kindergarten classes. However, there has not been a statute added, stating this will be the case for the upcoming year. In the past, the state has only provided fifty percent of funding for the program. If the state does not fully fund the program, then the LC Schools will have to budget for the remaining half-day of kindergarten. Also, transportation is another area in the budget not fully funded by the state. Dr. Fletcher commended the LC Board for covering the gas-related expenses for school groups’ regularly scheduled activities, athletic uniform rotations, and academic team shirts. The Board also commended Ms. Kyla Farley for the excellent management of finances in the food service department. Ms. Peters discussed the 2023-2024 proposed draft budget. There was a discussion of Safety Resource Officers (SRO) being hired within the district. There is $140,000 reserved for these positions. The SRO officers must be hired through the local police department. The proposed budget has a breakdown with three buses at $170,000, and a construction savings fund of $125,000. There is currently a contingency fund of 3.8% when the state only requires 2%. This allows a greater safety net for the school district. The breakdown of the proposed budget for LC Schools breaks down to 73% for salaries and a 7% increase in the allowance for water and gas. The County Employee Retirement System (CERS) has also decreased to 23.34%, which is a decrease of 3.45%. There will be more substantial numbers once the legislative sessions begin and they disclose their intentions for program funding in the school districts. In other action, there was a motion made to approve a Shortened School Day Waiver Request for two students due to extenuating circumstances. Both motions were seconded and approved. The meeting entered Executive Session for the purpose of a Student Discipline/Expulsion Hearing. Once the meeting returned to an Open Session, there was no new Personnel or Superintendent’s Personnel Action/Updates. The meeting was adjourned. The next Regular School Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at the LCHS Library at 6:00 PM. `All residents are always invited to attend the Lawrence County Board Meetings to become aware of the issues affecting our students and schools. The meetings may also be viewed virtually through the public viewing link. A copy of the most recent Lawrence County Board agendas & meetings may be found on the current Lawrence County District webpage at www.lawrence.k12.ky.us.
3 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LC Board Meeting 1312023
Louisa Middle Administration received a bomb threat this morning. The building was assessed by a first responder team from various police groups. We were given the "all-clear" for students to report back to class. For more information, click below... https://5il.co/1o9w2
4 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher
KY State Police and local police officers have swept the building. It has been cleared for our safe return to class. We will move forward on normal schedule. Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding. #AllinLC
4 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher
Kentucky is working to fix the teacher shortage. Lawrence County Superintendent, Dr. Robbie Fletcher discussed the issue within Lawrence County. #AllinLC @All_in_LC Article Link: https://bit.ly/3wHXKDh
4 days ago, Sarah Gauze
Dr. Fletcher Teacher Shortage Pic
We have had a note left in one of the bathrooms at Louisa Middle with a “vague” bomb threat. We are evacuating the building in order to have it cleared by police officials. I will keep you updated as we progress. Everyone is safe and warm.
4 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher
Character Counts! Kindness! #AllinLC @All_in_LC
4 days ago, Sarah Gauze
Character Counts!  Kindness
Lawrence County Schools will have an NTI Day tomorrow, February 1, 2023. (Wednesday). #AllinLC.
5 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher
Lawrence County Schools will have an NTI Day for today (Tuesday, January 31, 2023). Ice is beginning to fall in the west and northern part of our county. #AllinLC
6 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher
The 23-24 Calendar Committee has developed two potential school calendars for the upcoming 23-24 school year. Please take a moment to answer the survey at the link below or from the district webpage- https://forms.gle/ZJj3hqhJ9kSuqJEu7 Your input is greatly appreciated.
7 days ago, Thomas Burns
KY School Board Recognition Month! District 5: Ms. Barbara Robinson #AllinLC @All_in_LC
10 days ago, Sarah Gauze
Ms. Robinson LC Board of Education
Congratulations to Blaine Elementary students, who met their Accelerated Reader goals for the nine-week term! #AllinLC @All_in_LC
10 days ago, Sarah Gauze
BES Accelerated Reader
The LCHS Academic Team competed against teachers and staff in their quick recall practice! Just one of many reasons why LC teachers and staff are the best! #AllinLC @All_in_LC
10 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LCHS Teachers vs Students
Louisa East Elementary School was selected and visited by the Reds Caravan on Thursday, January 26, 2023! #EAST #AllinLC @All_in_LC
10 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LEES Reds Carvan
LEES Reds Caravan Pics
Nine LCHS band students are participating in Morehead State University's 2023 Honor Band Clinic! #AllinLC @All_in_LC
10 days ago, Sarah Gauze
LCHS Band MSU Event
**Change in status: Lawrence County Schools are CLOSED on Friday, January 27, 2023. This is not an NTI Day. #AllinLC.
10 days ago, Dr. Robbie Fletcher