The Blaine Elementary School continues their tradition of holding a fun competition between student grades call The Blaine Games!  These games are held in the fall and the spring seasons of the school year.  The fall games are played once MAP and STAR testing have been completed.   These games allow students to compete in activities as a class.  The Blaine games are a designed as a time of fun, but also provides teamwork and relationship building skills.  The games also help students learn to set and achieve goals personally and within a group. 

The Blaine games are divided into categories of grade levels, and they will compete against each other.  The grade levels are set at kindergarten through second grade, third grade through fifth grade, and sixth grade through eighth grade. The games consist of activities such as the sack race, wheel barrel race, spin the bat race, balloon pop race, relay races, leapfrog, and tug of war, etc.  There is also a fun obstacle course designed with a section competitors must crawl through to win.  Teachers are highly encouraged to participate because it will give students a chance to gain extra points that may be added to their class scores.    

This year the Fall Blaine Games winners were Ms. Musick’s kindergarten class, Mr. Jewell’s fourth grade class, and Ms. Johnson’s seventh grade class.  Each winning class is awarded a large group trophy, until the spring games come around.  If a different group wins in the spring, the trophy will be passed on to the winning group.  The Blaine games were a wonderful success with a gorgeous day of excitement for the students and faculty of Blaine.