Fallsburg Elementary School

Fallsburg Elementary School has currently started a middle school girls' discussion group! The group began through a suggestion from a student who requested a time to talk about issues affecting her and her friends. So, Ms. Kise, the FES Principal, and Ms. Ward, the FES Guidance Counselor teamed up to start the FES Girls Discussion Group. The girl's group meets once or twice a month to discuss various issues. During the group's first meeting, the topic was focused on self-worth. The girls were given two pieces of paper, one pink, and one green. On the green sheet, the students listed some negatives on how they felt about themselves. They read these out loud to their peers. In doing this exercise, the girls realized they were not alone in their feelings of inadequacy. They realized other girls in the group had the very same feelings or issues. Next, they took the pink paper and wrote a positive comment about themselves. Some of these comments included their eyes, hair, or other physical features. Next, the group practiced saying positive self-affirmations. These include, I am beautiful. I am smart, etc. Before the group was dismissed, the group leaders gave the girls a post-it note. They wrote topics they would like to discuss at future group sessions. The girls anonymously left them on the bleachers. The topics the students want to discuss include how to deal with nervousness and anxiety, ways to express feelings, addictions within the family, how to build confidence, etc. In the next girls meeting, the topic will be how to deal with stress. Ms. Kise and Ms. Ward are excited about the benefits and progress these young ladies will make as they continue forward with future group discussions.