Make Sure You Get Counted, Lawrence County!

                The 2020 Census is currently ongoing, and please make sure that you and your family are counted.     Why does this matter, you may ask.   To begin, our U. S. Constitution mandates that an accounting of the population will occur each 10 years.    This accounting can determine how much of a voice our area has, politically.   It can determine how many representatives our state can send to Congress.   It can, also, determine how many federal dollars are given to our area.   This can greatly affect federal funding for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs, Child and Adult Care Food Programs, Local Law Enforcement Block Grants, and even how many teachers we have in our schools.  

As of April 8, 2020, Kentucky’s Response Rate is 47.5%, compared to the final percentage in 2010, 65.7%.    We have quite a ways to go!     In Lawrence County, we are currently at 40.7% of our population has completed the Census.   In 2010, 64.0% of Lawrence Countians completed the Census.   Please make sure you get counted!  

Go to to get started!   It only takes a few minutes.   Help our area get the federal funding we deserve!