Louisa Middle Bulldogs

Nomination Process:

*2 Parents can be nominated at Louisa Middle School to sit on the SBDM council.

*Nominations will be submitted through email and Facebook messenger only. All submissions will need to go to jennp_782000@yahoo.com or Jennifer Pannell on Facebook.

*Nominations will be from May 19th 8:00a to May 20th by 9pm. After that, NO more nominations will be accepted, and the nominee will be contacted to verify they want to be on ballot.

*The ballot will then be prepared for the official vote.


*Voting will take place on Thursday May 21st at Louisa Middle School, in a drive thru forum.

*Voting will be from 10am – 2pm. No votes will count after 2pm. Voting will be conducted at entrance of school building.

*One person voting at a time, please wear mask or cover face with protective material.

*Pens will be available and sanitized before and after usage.

*There will be no absentee ballots, this is an in person voting only.

*Jennifer Pannell is responsible for administering the election. Votes will be counted as soon as election is over, and the winners will be contacted.  


NOTE: These are special procedures due to the COVID -19 rules prohibiting large group assemblies with using the CDC and State of KY guidelines.

Your child must be entering the 6th through 8th grade and attending LMS.