LMS:  PLTW Sheep Brain Dissection

Louisa Middle School's new PLTW teacher, Ms. Vanhoose, led the sixth-grade classes in a dissection lab of a sheep's brain on Tue, February 14, 2023. The students were divided into groups and put on their protective safety aprons, gloves, and goggles. Next, they washed down their lab work areas. Some of the students were a little hesitant to begin, but Ms. Vanhoose positively encouraged and guided the students to first identify the parts of the brain with labeled flags. The students then took turns adding the flags in identifying the various brain sections. Once all of the parts had been identified, Ms. Vanhoose handed out the scalpels and the students worked on dividing the brain in half. Mr. Fairchild, an LMS Aid, also helped the students with questions or issues. Once the brain was divided, the students could visually identify the inner structures of the brain. The students did a wonderful job of following directions and lab safety rules. This was a great day of anatomical dissection for the sixth-grade students!