Be wary of emails with Google forms! Thank you for being alert and reporting to your Tech Staff when something doesn't seem correct! Several active phishing attacks have been targeting accounts with fake requests to fill out Google forms. In the most recent attacks, scammers have been impersonating Outlook, OneDrive and Office 365 using Google forms in an effort to steal your information. Scammers have discovered the ability to create a Google form asking for username and password, which can lead users having their data and personal information stolen when they fill out the fake forms. It can be difficult to tell whether a form is fake until you open it; and Google forms is a legitimate service. Some users who have been targeted by the phishing attack have also received emails regarding their passwords. Lawrence County Schools will never ask for your password via email. To avoid having your information stolen, please make sure you do not give out your passwords in any Google forms. Your credentials and other personal or financial information could be stolen if you fill out one of the forms.
4 months ago, Michael Muncy
Good luck to the following Cross Country members as they compete at states! *Aiden Mynhier *Andrew Vinson *Evan Perry *Jarvy Perry *Rain Warden
5 months ago, Lawrence County Athletics
Best of luck Kailey Prince and JD Montgomery as you compete in the 2A State Golf Tournament!
6 months ago, Lawrence County Athletics
over 1 year ago, Lawrence County Athletics