Partner With Us As A Volunteer!

Parents and Community Members! We welcome you into our schools! Please partner with us to enrich the learning environment in our schools by sharing your knowledge and skills and by providing services and support to students and teachers as a POWER Partner.

Schedule Your Volunteer Training!

Contact the Family Resource/Youth Service Center listed below or call the school.

Family Resource Center Directors: 

  • Blaine Elementary – Barbara Hall at 652-9202;
  • Fallsburg Elementary – Brenda Curry at 686-3200;
  • Lawrence County High School – Anne Preece at 638-9676;
  • Louisa Middle – Anne Preece at 638-3696;
  • Louisa Elementary (East and West) – Melissa Elliott at 638-3514;
  • Betty Mullins, District Parent Involvement Coordinator, at 638-9671.

Become a POWER Partner, Parents Onboard With Educational Responsibility.

Whether you listen to a child read, help with a classroom project or school event, assist with a club or sport, supervise children on a school-sponsored trip, or share your job or hobby, you will make a difference. Lawrence County Schools and students will benefit from your expertise, interests and skills, and it will be rewarding for you. If you volunteered last year, thank you for your time and services, and please continue as a volunteer and help recruit others.

How do you become a POWER Partner Volunteer or continue to be a POWER Partner?

  • Participate in the annual, standard district volunteer orientation provided through one of the district’s six schools. Orientation, provided by our FR/YSC Directors, includes training in confidentiality and volunteer guidelines and school information.
  • Fill out a current Lawrence County POWER Volunteer Application.
  • Annually, provide the information for a free state-required background records check for school volunteers. (TB skin tests are not required.)

Lawrence County’s volunteer process is designed to ensure the safety of our students and protect you as a volunteer. Anyone who interacts with students on a scheduled or continuing basis while assisting in any school or district program, including supervising children at a school site or on school-sponsored trips, must, by law, have a records check and orientation. Once you are trained and have a current application and a current background records check on file, the principal/school volunteer coordinator will match you to the school’s volunteer needs. Whether you volunteer weekly or just a few hours for a special event, the extra help you provide will benefit your child and the achievement of other Lawrence County students.