PARENTS: What is the most important thing you can do to help your child succeed in school and in life?
ANSWER: Help your child become an effective reader. Reading helps your child in all school subjects.
FACT: Reading is the key to lifelong learning.

Tips on How to Help Your Child Become a Reader – No Matter What Age

Show that you value reading. Let your child see you reading for pleasure or for other life activities, such as reading letters, recipes, directions, instructions, newspapers, and computer screens.

Make sure your home has lots of appropriate reading materials for your child. Keep books, magazines, and newspapers in the house.

Reading materials don’t have to be new or expensive. Good books and magazines may be available at bargain prices at yard or library sales. Ask family members to consider giving your child gift subscriptions.

Take your child to the library with you and check out books for yourself. This will help your child see that reading is important to you and likely decide that it should be important to them as well.

If you feel uncomfortable with your own reading skills, help may be available for you, other family members, or your child from the school librarian or Adult Education Center in Louisa (638-0601).

Don’t hesitate to get help for your child’s reading problem. Work with teachers and other professionals to determine if your child has a learning disability and then provide the right help as soon as possible. Check out tutoring that is often available either before or after school.

Support your child with praise as proficiency in reading skills increase.

Parents, celebrate life-long learning.

Encourage your child to read!

Resource: Creating Parent and Family Involvement- 101 Ideas for Teachers Who Care by Hobart L. Harmon, Ph.D. & Ben H. Dickens, Ed. D.