Extended School Services are Available

When students struggle with a skill or fall behind in a class, additional help is available through Extended School Services (ESS) in Lawrence County Schools. Parents may refer their child for this additional help by contacting the school, or a student may be referred by a teacher, or the student may self-refer when a specific need arises. Each Lawrence County school has a different model and schedule of how additional help is provided. We want to ensure that your child meets the academic expectations of his grade level and progresses from year to year prepared to earn a high school diploma and to be ready to enter the work force or postsecondary education and training.

What are the consequences of not earning a high school diploma?
Job opportunities will be greatly limited. A high school graduate is 70% more likely to get a job than a person without a high school diploma and will earn on average $717 more per month than a person without a high school diploma. Parents, help us keep your child on track to a better quality of life. Take advantage of this opportunity for additional help for your child.

Need more information?
Contact the school or Betty Mullins, District ESS Coordinator, at 638-9671.