Fallsburg Middle School (6­-8 Grades) Dress Code

See Lawrence County School District Code of Conduct

  1. Revealing, low­cut (cleavage­baring), or see through shirts, blouses, tank tops, halter tops or spaghetti strap tops are not permitted. Sleeveless tops must cover the shoulder and have sides from the underarm to waistline.
  2. All pants, shorts, skirts or dresses must be worn at length of fingertips.
  3. When arms are fully extended above the head, no skin should show about the middle of the body. The midriff must be covered at all times.
  4. No pajamas, loungewear/sleepwear or house shoes allowed except for designated


  5. No shoes with Heelies.
  6. No ripped or torn clothing (no holes above finger length without being patched).
  7. No alcohol, tobacco, drug, sexually suggestive or inappropriate slogans on any apparel.
  8. Baseball style caps, hats, bandannas, sunglasses or sweatbands cannot be worn by

    boys or girls in the school building except for designated events. Exceptions will be made for medical conditions.

  9. No wording/slogans on seat of pants except for the original (brand) label.
  10. Undergarments must not be visible.
  11. Students are to wear shoes at all times.
  12. Shirts, blouses and slacks/pants must be properly buttoned, zipped, fastened, etc.
  13. Leggings are permitted, but tops must cover the buttocks.

Violation of dress code will require student to change into appropriate attire.