Although free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs provide significant nutritional benefits to students during the school day, many disadvantaged children do not receive sufficient food when school is not in session. The BACKPACK Program helps alleviate child hunger by discreetly providing hungry children with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food on Friday afternoons so they have food to eat throughout the weekend.

The BACKPACK program is a weekly program in which backpacks are filled with the items such as Potted Meat or Vienna Sausage, Beenie Weenies or Pork beans, Fruit Cup OR Pudding Cup OR Applesauce Or Raisin, Cheese Cracker Nabs, Fruit/Grain Bar, Juice and water. The program is designed to help underprivileged kids meet their dietary needs that all children need in able to learn and grow up healthy in both mind and body. The backpacks go home every Friday and the children bring them back to the school on Monday to be filled by Volunteers during the week to go back out with them on that following Friday.

If you know of a child or children who are need of assistance, please fill out form below and return to the Resource center. I will in confidentiality review the child’s situation in order to determine if criteria are met. Once the child is identified as a backpack recipient, I will throughout the course of the school year set up a home visit to ensure the child or children’s needs are being met.